GMAT 1 Month Study Plan – Day 19

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1 Month Study Plan – Day 19: Problem Solving (3 of 3)

What Exactly To Do

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1) Review material you studied yesterday 

2) Do all the OG questions for PS – or at least as many as you can.

Again, answers begin on page 188. Questions begin on page 152

Here are video explanations for OG13 #209-#230

OG13 PS#209 – Algebra

OG13-210 – Geometry (Lines and Angles)

OG13 PS#211 – Geometry (Coordinates)

OG13 PS#212 – Number Properties

OG13 PS#213 – Geometry

OG13 PS#214 – Word Problem (Algebra)

OG13 PS#215 – Word Problem (Probability)

OG13 PS#216 – Fractions and Equations

OG 13 PS#217 – Fractions, Negative Exponents

OG13 PS#218 – Decimal Digits

OG13 PS#219 – Word Problem (Factors)

OG13 PS#220 – Algebra (Fractions)

OG13 PS#221 – Number Properties (Consecutive Integers)

OG13 PS#222 – Venn Diagram

OG13 PS#223 – Algebra

OG13 PS#224 – Mixtures

OG13 PS#225 – Odd and Eve Integers

OG13 PS#226 – Word Problem (Fractions)

OG13 PS#227 – Decimal and Powers of 10

OG13 PS#228 – Coordinate Geometry

OG13 PS#229 – Fractional Inequality

OG13 PS#230 – Large Exponents

3) Finish questions on the Practice Pill Platform:

Tomorrow: QS (1 of 3)

Tomorrow you will transition to Data Sufficiency. These math questions will be a little awkward since your job is not to actually solve the problem but to instead identify whether statements (1) and (2) are sufficient in helping you eventually answer the main question.

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