GMAT 1 Month Study Plan – Day 18

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1 Month Study Plan – Day 18: Problem Solving (2 of 3)

What Exactly To Do

Go to:

1) Review material you studied yesterday (Budget a LOT of time for today or tomorrow – shoot for 6-10 hrs).

2) Watch Power Pill Series on Rates, Exponents, and Sequences (3 hrs)

Rate Problems | PDF (43 min) Traveling from opposite ends, two-part trips, round trip, and working together.

Exponents & Divisibility | PDF (40 min) Exponent arithmetic and rearrangements, units digit cycling and divisibility variations

Sequences | PDF (52 min) Arithmetic and Geometric sequences, sum of first x positive even/odd integers

These questions are VERY common on GMAT – so make sure you really get these.

Also – some basics on Combinatorics:

Combinatoric Basics (22 min) Overview of variation, nCr, nPr

What is nCr? (10 min) Explanation of nCr

For Advanced Students Only:

Team Formation (21 min) How many teams of 3 can be created from 6 people?

Dating Matchups (12 min) How many ways can 3 guys date 3 girls?

Password Permutations (10 min) How many different passwords can you create?

Visit: for more….

3) Take a break, then Get Started on Practice Pill (2 hrs)


Tomorrow: PS (3 of 3)

Tomorrow you will be your last Problem Solving day. Finish all the Practice Pill math problems and OG questions.

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