GMAT 1 Month Study Plan – Day 14

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1 Month Study Plan – Day 14: RC (Day 3 of 5)

What Exactly To Do

1) Watch OG Videos:

Passage: Ecoefficiency (OG)
4 videos, 23 min

Passage: Predator (OG)

6 videos, 21 min

Passage: Archaeology (OG)

7 videos, 39 min

Passage: Blacks (OG)

7 videos, 32 min

Passage: Clark
9 videos, 50 min

Passage: Oligosaccharins (OG)
7 videos, 30 min

Passage: Snakes (OG)
9 videos, 42 min

Passage: VHS (OG)
7 videos, 23 min

2) Open Up Your OG Book to page 364 for RC

There are 139 questions and a whole bunch of passages.

Answer explanations begin on page 419

3) Tomorrow will be RC Day 4

You’ll get started with the Practice Pill Platform and go through as many questions as you can

Zeke Lee
GMAT Pill Study Method

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Follow the 1 Month GMAT Study Plan

Critical Reasoning: Visualize the Question

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