GMAT 1 Month Study Plan – Day 12

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1 Month Study Plan – Day 12: Reading Comprehension (1 of 5)

What Exactly To Do

How to Use RC Pill

  1. RC Frameworks
    • Familiarize yourself with the General Tips and the RC Framework Videos. Train your mind to spot question types into the categories mentioned in the Framework videos
  2. RC Passage Videos – Training and Tweaking
    • Train yourself by watching the RC Pill Video Explanations
    • After a few passage explanations, test yourself. Pause the video first and do a practice read on the passage duplicated below the video. Then press play, watch, and readjust your reading strategy
    • Questions – try to answer on your own first, using the passage at the bottom to scroll through. Apply the GMATPill RC Frameworks to these questions and see if it helps you. Then press play to see how my thinking process compares to yours
    • Speed – be prepared to skip around areas of the video explanation. You won’t need all of it, though in the beginning it is good to watch the entire thing. After you get the rhythm going, you should be able to answer and eliminate choices much faster. Skip to the sections where you feel you may need help.

Note: Unlike other GMATPill sections, I don’t spend the first minute answering the question in real-time. The reason is because every time you start answering an RC question, you’re taking background information from when you first read the passage for the first time. All the information you get builds from that. So always pay close attention to my reading strategy on the first read, as well as the attack strategy for each type of RC question.

What Exactly To Do

1) Core Training (3 hours)

    A) Go to:

    B) Watch all the Core Concepts, Frameworks, and Flashcards

2) Watch and Practice

Tomorrow: RC (2 of 5)

You’re going to go through some more videos of RC Passages including some OG ones.

Keep everything you learned fresh in your mind – sleep on it and review again tomorrow.

Zeke Lee
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