From 570 to 620 to 710 – Congrats, Raghu!From 570 to 620 to 710 – Congrats, Raghu!From 570 to 620 to 710 – Congrats, Raghu!


Raghu took the GMAT 4 times. After 3 attempts, he was stuck at 620.

Throughout this entire process, we were in discussion with Raghu for some 50+ email exchanges since March. It wasn’t until end of August that Raghu took the GMAT Pill.

Then in October, he scored a 710!

Here’s the proof:

Do you see that amazing improvement? The verbal score was a V25 (36th %ile). His verbal improvement alone was 11 pts from V25 to V36 (79% ile). That’s a jump from the 36th percentile to the 79th percentile in the rankings!

Now, when was the last time you saw something like that?

Here are screenshots of some of the emails:

He first started off with a 570

He prepped again for a 2nd attempt

He came up with a 620 – which is a decent improvement, but he was expecting more

So he took the GMAT a 3rd time, this time getting a 620 again

He was considering some prep options

We usually don’t give opinions on other providers, but since he seemed confused by the many options out there, here’s what we wrote back:

He decided to follow the Stanford guy ;]

He scores 710!! Ecstatic, he wrote us this email late past midnight in India.

As you can see above, we told him a story about how another student was in similar shoes. He took Knewton, but then changed his mind and took GMAT Pill. His testimonial is on our homepage. That was the story we told him.

Well, now, HIS story / testimonial is on our homepage.

Congratulations to Raghu on this huge improvement!


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