GMAT Pill Releases FREE Official Guide (OG13) Video Explanations for GMAT Math Questions

GMAT Pill has released video explanations for Official Guide 13th edition Problem Solving Questions #209-#203 onto the Practice Pill Platform.

OG13 Tracker: What You Can Do

With this online OG tracker you can:

1) Record your answers to OG questions
2) See stats on what answers other people chose and how many of them get that question right
3) Revisit questions you got wrong
4) VIew FREE GMAT Pill Video Explanations
5) Ask Questions
6) View videos on-the-go through the GMAT Pill HD iPad app

More Details

These video explanations show Zeke Lee explaining the question in real time. Math numbers and symbols are drawn directly on the screen with Zeke’s handwriting so you get a personalized feel for his approach to these math questions.

Many of these questions involve combinations, permutations, and possibilities. Word problems, algebra, geometry, number properties, and mixture questions are all part of the bunch.

These videos have also been added to the GMAT Pill HD iPad app as free videos. So any user can download the app and view the videos.
Of course, any user can also create a free guest account on the Practice Pill Platform to record answers and track his or her progress with Official Guide questions.

The entire question is only partially shown. You should follow along with your OG13 book.

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