Essential GMAT Strategies for Problem Solving


The truth is that by simply looking for a comprehensive answer to the question, “What is gmat?” you can understand that this test is also related to problem solving besides specific grammar and vocabulary subjects. Therefore, if you intend to achieve a GMAT good score, it is important to develop several problem solving and verbal strategies. Obviously, the problem solving strategies can help you to become a great master problem solver so that you can easily deal with any GMAT questions that relate to this section. In order to help you with this, the current article proposes some top strategies that even the best tutors are using these days in order to solve any subjects that relate somehow to problem solving.


Problem Solving and Associated Strategies


These days, numerous GMAT tutors recommend specific strategies that can literally help a student to do well on the GMAT. Some of the best strategies that most tutoring programs recommend include the followings:


  • Checking the Answer: It is always essential to bear in mind that the answer choices are generally provided bellow the questions. Knowing this thing is important especially because you should check the answers before reading the questions. In most cases, the answer choices include specific shortcuts or clues that can help the test-taker to choose the correct answer right away. By simply considering this strategy, you can spend less energy and time in order to solve specific problems. In order to comprehend how this strategy actually works, let’s suppose that you are required to calculate the square root of the number 2209, knowing that the answer choices include 31, 33, 37, 47, and 53. Obviously, effectively calculating the square root of this number will take a long time. Therefore, if you intend to achieve a high score while taking the GMAT test, you must choose the correct answer based on specific reasoning patterns. The first answer that we eliminate is 31 (31*31 ends in 1) – you need a number which ends in 3. Additionally, you can easily comprehend that the answer should include a higher number than 40 because 40^2 results in 1600. This thing means that 33 and 37 are also excluded. Now, you must choose between 47 and 53. By multiplying 50 by 50, you get 2500, which shows you that 53 is definitely another wrong answer. Thus, the only possible right answer is 47. As you are able to see, by simply following this reasoning, you will be able to choose a correct answer in only a few seconds. This example shows you that getting a correct answer without completing any complex calculations is possible.


  • Learning to Divide Questions in Sub-Questions: There are many questions that require you to answer various sub-questions when taking the test. For example, there are specific questions for which you cannot provide the right answer without answering first to specific implied questions. Problem solving is a section that contains numerous such questions.


  • Solving What You Know: It is essential to start solving the questions for which you can easily find an answer. Although some of these questions might seem complicated, it is always a good idea to check them, just to make sure that you do not know how to solve specific question. If you try very hard, you will most probably be able to choose the right answers for particular problems that you consider impossible to solve.


By simply considering these gmat strategies, you can solve even the most complicated problems. This thing can help you to increase your overall GMAT score.


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