Congrats to Reagan (GMAT 730: Q50 V38) with 60 Point Improvement

How it began?

So how did all of this begin?

Reagan and I exchanged some 70+ messages by email and in the first email, Reagan explained his situation to me.

Here’s what he wrote:

Initial Email to Zeke

Hello Zeke
my name is Reagan, i found out about the GmatPill through a friend’s recommendation. I am in the final year of my undergraduate degree.
I am an Economics and Finance major at the London School of Economics( External Study)

I took the GMAT in Oct 2011 and got a 670. It was quite disappointing because i was only 30 points away from being accepted onto an Msc in Finance and Economics at the LSE. I plan to redo GMAT with the help of GmatPill this year. I have a few questions.

– First of all, am i eligible for the refund policy? (i have read the FAQ and i but it is a little confusing given that i have not taken any SAT before.)
– I hope to improve my score to 750 which is at least above 99th percentile for both the sections so that i can apply to both Cambridge and Oxford. How much time do i really need if the last time i touched GMAT was about 8 months ago?

Thank you for taking your time to answer my questions and i am looking forward to receiving your reply.


So I replied to Reagan.

And the very first thing Reagan said in his next response was:

“you speed of reply is awesome!”

Yes – we tend to hear that a lot.

Reagan signed up for our course shortly afterwards.

Studying the GMAT

Reagan put in the effort to make his improvement. Obviously, he was already somewhat familiar with the exam as he took it before. His previous GMAT score of 670 was on the lower end of top business schools and he was not satisfied. To make the jump from 670 over 700 is a significant jump that thousands of students hope to make every year – but not everyone makes it through.

Reagan is a great example of someone who made it through with dedication on his part and guidance from GMAT Pill.

Upgrade to Critical Reasoning

As Reagan was going through the GMAT Pill course – he very much liked the sentence correction part. He does say in his review that he was left a little hanging after going through Critical Reasoning.

Well, as it turns out, we were actually in the middle of working on upgrades for critical reasoning. I assured Reagan that we would work fast to push out a release of the Critical Reasoning Pill upgrade as soon as we can. And we did.

That’s why in the email screenshot – Reagan talks about the upgrades we did to CR. He credits the support and upgrades for boosting his confidence and score.

The end result was a solid 730 from a previous 670 – a 60 point increase!!

Recommendations for Quant Upgrade

One feedback item we received from Reagan was to make upgrades to the Quant section.

Since Reagan’s test, we’ve provided some upgrades for the Quant section and more are to come. We’ve released video explanations for official guide questions in problem solving from #209 to #230, for example.

If you want to track your performance on these OG questions, you can do so on our Practice Pill Platform for GMAT Problem Solving Questions. Here, you can attempt questions, click the NEXT button, and the system will automatically track your responses and mark which ones are right or wrong so you can revisit questions later.

Also in the pipeline are the Power Pill lesson tutorials. These lessons include dedicated tutorials on:
1) Poker Probability
2) Rolling Dice
3) Rate Questions

What does this mean?

Basically, we take a math question, and we show all kinds of variations on that same question and show you how to answer those questions. In poker, how many different ways can you select 5 cards out of a deck of 52 cards. Given that there are 4 suits (hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades) – what is the probability of selecting 2 clubs and 2 diamonds? What is the probability of getting 1 pair? What is the probability of getting 2 pairs? What about straights, flushes, and full houses? What about the royal flush?

These are all variations off the same basic poker probability game and we address them all.

We believe that fully understanding a concept involves covering multiple variations so that you’ll be ready no matter what the GMAT throws at you on exam day.

Other GMAT Students

You can read more about students we work with at GMAT Pill including this McKinsey analyst who struggled with GMAT for 2 years– until he took the GMAT Pill, a non-native English speaker who got off the waitlist AND a $50,000 MBA scholarship, …and many others.

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