Updated SC Video Flashcards + GMAT Pill HD iPad v1.2 update!Updated SC Video Flashcards + GMAT Pill HD iPad v1.2 update!Updated SC Video Flashcards + GMAT Pill HD iPad v1.2 update!

We’ve updated our SC Video flashcards with fresh new content.

Each of the 40 video flashcards showcases a short sentence that asks you to identify the error. Some sentences have one error, some have multiple errors. Some even have no errors.

These are short exercises that you can print out or just lad on your computer screen.

Yes, these videos are also preloaded into our “GMAT Pill HD” iPad app in the sentence correction section. So members with a login can access these sentence correction video flashcards both on iPad device and on regular laptop/desktops.

In other news, the GMAT Pill iPad app has gotten yet another update to make it easier to download videos and view them letter. The settings button is more clearly displayed at the center of the screen so you can toggle between LIVE mode and DOWNLOAD mode more easily.

LIVE mode essentially when you have internet connection. Any videos you attempt to load will load from the server.

DOWNLOAD mode is the localized mode. If you click a video, the app will attempt to load off the downloaded version stored on your device. These videos are accessible without an internet connection.

Of course, you will need to download sections or individual videos onto your device in order for them to be available in DOWNLOAD mode.

You’ll also see an opportunity to post your questions and comments below each video. In the screenshot shown below, for example, you can see comments that others have posted on the Practice Pill and you can also see GMAT Pill responses.

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