GMAT Story #9: Getting Into Wharton with GMAT 690GMAT Story #9: Getting Into Wharton with GMAT 690GMAT Story #9: Getting Into Wharton with GMAT 690


Yet another GMAT Pill student gets into Wharton! She will be joining many other GMAT Pill alumni into Wharton including this one from Goldman Sachs who was kind enough to share with us his best GMAT prep experience with GMAT Pill after trying various programs including Manhattan GMAT.

Email Success from GMAT Student Getting Into Wharton Business School

Original Email from GMAT Student

Here’s a copy and pasted version of the original email we got from this student before she got into Wharton but after she did well on the GMAT exam.

Hi Zeke,

Hope all is well. I’m not sure if you recall me well. I signed up for GMAT Pill Verbal about 2-3 weeks ago with a hope to boost my verbal score. I just took my GMAT today and got a 690 (Q48 V35). My verbal score has improved from 30 to 35 in 2 weeks. Thanks a lot to your videos. They are very helpful.

Although 690 is a solid score, I’m wondering if I should retake my GMAT as I’m aiming for the top 10 business schools in the U.S. (especially Harvard, Wharton, Chicago, and Columbia). I have an undergraduate degree in [name of major removed] with a 3.5 GPA from a top Canadian University [name removed]. I could have scored higher on quant as I have scored 50 on my GMAT Prep test 2 days before the exam.

I was told that it’s better to have a balanced score between quant and verbal for a solid score like 690. Do you think my score is balanced enough? My quant score is 48 at 80th percentile and my verbal score is 35 (75th percentile). I work for one of the bulge bracket firms in investment banking / capital markets. If I were to retake my GMAT, more time will need to be spent on studying instead of working on my essays for R2, which I believe is more important. I’d like to hear any insights you may have on my current situation. Thanks very much for your help in advance.

Again, thanks a lot to your GMAT Pill videos! They are awesome!




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