GMAT Score: 730 (Q50, V39) from ESL Student in ChinaGMAT Score: 730 (Q50, V39) from ESL Student in ChinaGMAT Score: 730 (Q50, V39) from ESL Student in China

ESL (English as a Second Language) students face a big obstacle on the GMAT exam.

After all, they are taking a test entirely conducted in a second language that they may not be too familiar with. This test is critical for their entrance requirements for top MBA programs.

And on top of that, ESL students are competing against students from around the world who have the advantage of understanding and using English as their primary language.

So what can an ESL student do to overcome these challenges on the GMAT?

Well, all hope is not lost.

Today, we are proud to announce that Elyse, an engineering master’s student from China, was able to reach her goals of a 730 GMAT score with a solid Q50 performance and a solid V39 performance.

As she says, “For an ESL like me, sentence correction was a great problem for me. After I took the sentence correction pill, I have improved dramatically. The method taught in the SC Pill is perfect for cracking this kind of problem. I think it is a must have for all the GMAT test takers, especially the ESLs.”

This engineering master’s student from China was nice enough to send us a copy of her
Official GMAT Score Report.

Of course, we blocked off her personal information for privacy purposes.

“I think [SC Pill] is a must have for all the GMAT test takers, especially the ESLs.” – Elyse (GMAT 730).

Notice Elyse scored well in the Integrated Reasoning section as well. Out of a total 8 points, Elyse managed to get a 7. This reflects well on our Integrated Reasoning Pill and complements another Caucasian student from London who scored an 8 on his Integrated Reasoning section.

As shown on the official score report, the Verbal score of 39 corresponds with a score in the 88th percentile. That’s very good – and even better for an ESL student. A score like this will help this student differentiate herself from peers in her demographic applicant pool.

The Quant score of 50 is just 1 shy of perfect and represents the 90th percentile. Overall, the combined quant and verbal score gave Elyse a total score of 730 (96th percentile).

Combine this with the 84th percentile Integrated Reasoning score of 7 out of a possible 8, we have an overall solid GMAT score report that will be well received by top MBA programs around the world.

For more information about your GMAT score report, click here.

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