GMAC Releases new GMAT Prep 2.0 Software with Integrated Reasoning

As you may know, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) released their most recent version of the GMAT Prep CAT Exam software 2.0.

This piece of software is available free.

The GMAC folks also released a pack of 404 questions in their GMATPrep Question Pack 1 priced at $24.99.

Let’s take a look at these two new additions:

GMAT Prep software 2.5.327: Download here (Windows) (Mac)

Well, the database of questions that powers this new version of the software is pretty much identical to the old software. The only addition is the Integrated Reasoning section and the exclusion of the second essay. They basically swap the second essay out and swap the new Integrated Reasoning section in.

The old version of the software allowed you to review questions even after you exit the exam. The new one lets you review – but only inside the exam. Once you exit, you lose track of which ones you marked for review.

The software does let you save your score and keep track of how you progress over time. This is useful just to understand the basic stats of your performance provided you actually treat these practice exams like the real thing.

You can download the old version of GMAT Prep here

GMAT Prep Question Pack 1

This interesting new addition priced at $24.99 contains an additional set of 404 questions.

The complete breakdown of the questions you get is as follows:
200 Quant questions
180 Verbal questions
24 Integrated Reasoning Questions

All of these questions are NEW – meaning these GMAT questions are not from the GMATPrep software, yet they are created by the test makers and represent a good taste of what you’ll actually see on the GMAT.

Sure there are basic explanations but certainly don’t expect them to give you the best explanation – otherwise everyone would be acing their exams!

This question pack is just a list of practice questions. Don’t expect any fancy software, stat report, etc. None of that is super important. They’re nice to have, but the most important part is extra practice and how you think. These questions won’t teach you how to think, but they do offer a good resource for extra practice – particularly on Integrated Reasoning.

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