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Yup, we’re hiring.

Or maybe not “hiring,” but “looking for contributors” since you’ll be working with us, not for us.

As you may know, we are getting many student questions on our Practice Pill Platform and are looking for qualified GMAT gurus to help out answering questions.

Position: GMAT Pill Associate Instructor

As more people use the Practice Pill Platform – it’s becoming more and more useful over time. We’d like you to be a part of it.

This is something that you could do whenever you’d like and however much you’d like. You can also add this to your resume as something additional you do on the side. Frequent posters may be invited to list their bio on our “About Us” page.

You will be responsible for:

  • Answering student questions to the best of your ability. Use what you learned with GMAT Pill and help others understand what you now know.
  • Creating a DISQUS profile as you monitor and identify questions that you can add value with a detailed response.


To qualify, you must have

  • Taken GMAT Pill
  • Scored in the mid 700s, OR Q50+ OR V42+ on official GMAT. Yes, we will consider math-focused or verbal-focused associate instructors if your score in one of these sections is particularly strong.
  • Frequent posters will have an opportunity to list their bios on our “About Us” page.

The Benefits

First, this will be a paid position. You will be well compensated on a timely basis. You will be paid per set of posts, but keep in mind this is a 5-10 hour per week role – please do not expect a full-time salary. Payment will be made through Paypal.

But the pay should not be your primary motivation because there are even better benefits:

  • You can list “GMAT Pill – Associate Instructor” on your resume – not bad if you intend to apply to business school or search for a new job.
  • You will make a name for yourself and your comments will be read by thousands of GMAT students from all over the world. Your DISQUS profile will position you as an expert on any other web community in which you participate.

How to Apply

If you are interested, please email with your official score report and reason why you’d like to join GMAT Pill Staff.

GMAT Pill Support Team

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