GMAT Preparation In Africa: Student Thanks GMATPill For GMAT Verbal Improvement From 28 to V35

GMATPill is always happy to hear about the success of our students. Here’s an honest testimonial from Edi done by himself.

African engineer improves his GMAT score with GMATPill. With this GMAT preparation, Edi was able to boost his verbal score from V28 to V35 in just 2 weeks!

He studied for several months but wasn’t able to improve much before. His quant score was very high to begin with–but his verbal was weak in the upper 20s.

He was unable to improve with a class from ManhattanGMAT. As a result, he decided to enroll with GMATPill after a friend recommended the course to him.

“I studied less with GMATPill and I did better” — Edi

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