Post-GMAT/Pre-MBA Interview Blog Series: Marquis (Stanford)

Post-GMAT/Pre-MBA Interview Blog Series – Part 2: Marquis (Stanford)
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Listen to my interview with Marquis, a Stanford MBA about life from GMAT to Post-MBA. Today I let him take the stage and really give all with regards to career advice. The information here is invaluable.

General outline:

0:00 Introduction

1:06 Marquis majored in CS started off in software engineering.
He got into Stanford GSB and transitioned to management consulting
at McKinsey. He now resides in Chicago doing strategic advisory.

5:00 Emotional states throughout the GMAT and MBA application process. Fluctations between fear, excitement, and triumph.

11:50 Summer internship in the context of Bschool

13:45 Obstacles along the way, second guessing the MBA career route. Keeping the big picture in mind gets you through.

17:00 GMAT in the application process. It’s not impossible, just high school concepts.

20:35 Telling your boss you are applying for Bschool

23:00 Lifestyle and career prospect changes. Did Marquis end up
where he envisioned himself Pre-MBA?

26:00 General bschool advice, application preparation, budgeting time

32:15 GMAT Advice: Come in with a GMAT study Plan early On
Do not study for GMAT while working on application essays!

38:00 Conclusion

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