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You studied in 2 weeks?

Yes. Only 2 weeks.  It was dedicated and effective studying for two weeks. I believe I studied quite effectively. Quality over quantity. But it took me a year to package my thoughts together so normal people can absorb the material quickly.

How did you study?
I remember studying for the GMAT. It was like trying to push an elephant up a mountain. I told myself I would start studying 3 months before my exam. In actuality, I could not push myself to start studying until 2 weeks before the exam!

Part of it was procrastination. Part of it was the fact that I was just too busy with my job and the rest of my life to worry about an exam.
Reality hit when I took a practice test and scored in the 68th percentile (low 600s).

It was a disappointment. My friends who scored higher said I was just not a good test taker.

I had 2 weeks until my exam. My time was limited. I didn’t have money for a tutor or prep course. And I didn’t want to buy a bunch of books other than the Official Guide.

I needed to study smart, not hard. And Study smart I did.

In that first week I created frameworks that I could use to approach any question. In the second week, I applied those frameworks to sample test questions until I really understood all the different possible ways they could test the same thing.

I took the exam for real. 98th percentile! More impressive than the score is the fact that I studied for only 2 weeks when others studied for months–time that could have been spent doing other things.

It was such a great feeling. I guess the only downside is that my friends, who actually scored lower on the real exam than on the practice ones, started bugging me on how I did it.

I showed them my study strategy. They retook and scored above 700 in just a few weeks, rather than months, of studying.

Their friends asked for study tips and they were all referred to me. Soon I became the go-to GMAT tutor. Time after time, students would nail the exam without studying their life away. My study method actually works.

Today, that study strategy is the GMAT Pill Study Method.

Good for you. But what’s in it for me?

Well, the good news is I’ve worked with a team of people to communicate my revelation (and more) to you. We’ve put in an extraordinary amount of effort to bring the GMAT Pill to you. We really do want to help you on your GMAT–even if you decide not to enroll in the GMAT Pill. There’s plenty of free articles and career advice on this site for you to take advantage of–best of luck to you!

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