GMAT Score From 650 to 760 + 25 Minutes left on the exam! Wow!

Wow, this GMATPill student improved 110 points AND had 25 minutes leftover on his exam. For those of you who haven’t taken the GMAT exam yet, let me tell you that finishing the exam in time is one of the more difficult elements of the exam. It’s a mental marathon and a lot of these questions require to think a lot. Moreover, with so many answer choices, it’s easy to get caught up on the wrong answer choices and waste valuable time.

We’re glad to see John (last name undisclosed just in case) was able to benefit from our program and make such a dramatic score improvement. He references an article we wrote about how important the verbal section is and his score exemplifies what our theory said.

Although his quant score was in the 85th percentile, his verbal score was so high (99th percentile) that his overall GMAT score was also calculated at 99th percentile.

If you flipped it around and got a 99th percentile quant score but an 85th percentile verbal score, your overall score would not be nearly as high.

In any case, congratulations, John. We’re glad to be helpful for your GMAT preparation!

Here’s a copy of his email with appropriate links to articles that he mentioned were helpful:


Hey Zeke,

I just wanted to let you know about my success story. I have always been good at logical reasoning and reading comp, however the sentence correction questions on the GMAT were really holding back my verbal score. Originally I had planned to ignore this shortcoming and concentrate instead on improving my quant, which is where I traditionally struggle. However after reading your post about the value of a high verbal score I bought your verbal pill and your explanations of the sentence correction concepts were so clear. More importantly though your lessons got me into the correct mindset to attack the questions. Before I would read through all the aswers and just get lost within the question and answer choices, but after doing your course I learned to immediately recognize the common mistakes and finish sentence correction problems in literally seconds. I just took the GMAT this week and scored a 46V the 99% and I finished the section with 25 minutes left. I was able to get my quant score up to 49Q 85% and just like your blog post said the 99% in verbal brought my overal score up to 760 and the 99%. The first practice test I took, before using your program and before improving my quant, I scored a 650.

110 points!! and it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t read your post about the importance of a strong verbal score and done your sentence correction pill. I’m am now one of your biggest disciples, let me know if you need anything or want a testimonial.



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