2016 Official Guide to the GMAT (OG2016) Online Question Bank Link

So you got a hold of the new Official Guide 2016 edition released in June of 2015 and you’re looking for the link for the online component.

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

As you may know, we’ve previously reviewed GMAC’s Official Guide to the GMAT 13th edition (OG13) with 5 stars a few years back.

Then when GMAC came up with an “upgrade” in July of 2014 (labeled the OG2015 version) — we gave a 3 star review on Amazon as you can see here.

Now in June of 2015, GMAC has released their 2016 version with 25% new content. Based on your analysis of the book and confirmed by others in the industry, we can safely say that this claim is indeed legitimate.

So if you are studying for the GMAT exam, we would recommend getting this new edition as you study. With OG2016, you can still reference some of the video solutions we made for OG13 and OG2015 at http://www.gmatpil.com/official-guide

GMAT Wiley (OG2016) Link

But if you want to access the online link for OG2016 here it is:

Here’s the link > gmat.wiley.com

In addition to the Official Guide, we encourage you to study on the Practice Pill Platform. Free members can access questions and paid members can view video explanations for all the questions at www.gmatpill.com/gmat-practice-test/

Inside OG2016, you can expect:

  • 900 practice questions
  • 100 question diagnostic exam
  • …and more…
  • You can read the rest of our review of the Official Guide 2016 on Amazon here:


    Check out the new Official Guide 2016.

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